About Me - scotthatch

I have been an avid photographer for over forty years. After learning to develop film and prints in high school, I took courses in college in the history and practice of photography and in one course built an 8 x 10 view camera. For the next ten years, during my Edward Weston phase, I would only use a large format camera and make black and white prints. As my careers in construction and house design left less time for photography, I switched back to 35 mm and found that I only took pictures when traveling. Over the last eight years as I have gradually retired I have been able to spend much more time on photography.

Like so many I have switched to digital technology and am just as thrilled by seeing a good print come out of the printer as I ever was in watching an image appear in the darkroom developing tray. I love the instant feedback of editing images on the computer and I don’t miss the chemicals.

For me the greatest pleasure of photography is the heightened sense of the visual world that it fosters. Whenever I have resumed photographing after being away from it, I am always delighted to return to a greater awareness of light and patterns, whether I have a camera in my hands or not.

When I photograph the end product I am imagining is a fine print carefully matted and framed and hanging on a wall. I print on acid-free100% cotton paper using pigment inks and frame with acid-free matt board to produce an archival print.  To enquire about buying a print you can reach me at scotthatch51@gmail.com.